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Adflow - Targeted Advertising Platform

Published on : 01 Jan 2022

AdFlow, Is A Personalised Marketing And Targeting Advertising Ecosytem, For Serving Users With Useful Content As Advertisements, With Transparent User Data Collection.

Technology Used
Php Javascript Jquery
Developed by
Bal Sankar

With AdFlow Admin, Advertisers Can Create, Manage And End Ad Campaign, Generate Sale Report And Understand User Past Data. With AdFlow Admin, Users Can Search AdFlow Implemented Services And Get Personalized Content Based On User Past Data. 

Adflow Beta version is now live at Github (click here).

Demo Version : Click here
username : admin
password : admin



Added Segmented Ads based on Recent search.
Added Segmented Ads based on most Relavant searches.

Added Segmented Ads.

Bug Fixes.
User search Table.

Mobile Responsive.
Data Tables.
User Email Registration.
Minor Tweeks in User Profile.
Enhancement in User Search.
UI Changes.
Registration for Advertisers and User.

Mobile Ready.
Small Bug Fixes.
Few Minor UI Tweeks.

Added Animations.
Hover Effects.

Redesigned UI.
Enchanced Search results.
My Search Added.
Added Notification pannel for Admin.
Added Direct Registration.

Added Keywords in Advertisement.
Added Third Party - Flipkart India.
UI Redesign.
UI Animation.
Redesigned Live Ads Interface.
Added Recent Searches.
Added User Information in Search.
Added Retailer Information in Search.
Added Timestamp in Search.

Added Search.
Added Live Ads.