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Published on : 01 Jan 2022

EasyRed is one-click deployment solution for your Angular12 project from the comfort of your Web Browser.

Technology Used
Angular 12 Laravel 7 Javascript JQuery
Developed by
Bal Sankar

EasyRed gives users control over Angular Core functions right from your Web Browser.

Using EasyRed you can perform Angular operations from the comfort of your Web Browser, on the Go,

  • One Click Git Pull and Push, without going through the hassle of Gitbash.
  • Manage all your Angular routing through Web Browser.
  • Create New Angular Componets.
  • Modify and Delete Angular Componets.
  • Edit, Modify, Angular Assets, TS, CSS anything you could thing.
  • EasyRed also builts in Advanced Developer Options and Debugging Tools to make your life as a Developer Easy!

EasyRed is inspired by OctoberCMS, a flatfile CMS based on Php Laravel.